Flow Chart for Automatic Production Line of Cold-Rolled 3 Ribbed Steel Bar

Steel Diameter Range:                                                                                                                        

Raw Material Diameter: 5-13mm
Final Rebar Diameter : 4-12mm
Speed: 1.5-3m/s
Capacity: 20-50T/Shift


Layout of 3 ribs steel bar production line                                                   

There are two types layout:
1. Final rebar in coil

2. Final rebar in straight

Technical Parameter of Production Line of Cold Rolled 3 Ribbed Steel Bar
Model  Main Motor(kw) Deputy Motor(kw) Shift Capacity T
LZ130 φ5-7 30 4.5 6-10
LZ150 φ5-9 45 5.5 13-25
LZ150 φ5-11 55-75 7.5 30-45 

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