Computer Control One Channel

1. It is computer controlled and can make triangle, square, rectangular, pentagon and other shapes.
2. The size of this bending machine is from 50*60mm to (length +width)*2 ≤1m.
3. Only one piece of rebar can be bent each time.

Technical parameters

Rebar Dia. Ф4-12mm  Motor power  Feeding servo motor: 5.5kw 
Bending servo motor:3.7kw 
Cutting motor:4kw
Max pulling speed  90-110m/min Bending angle  0-180°
Length accuracy  ±3mm Angle accuracy  ±3mm
Max bending speed  42°/s Min diagonal of final products 80mm
Random figure 10 Programmable figure 10
Yield  1000 piece/hour Dimension  2700×1100×1700mm

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