Mid-Frequency Heat Treatment Equipment

Mid-frequency Heat Treatment Equipment produced by Gongyi Jindi Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd is a new type of heating device for cold-rolled ribbed steel bar production line.

Product Features

Mid-frequency Heat Treatment Equipment has the characteristics of strong rust-proof capacity of steel bar, power-saving and stable operation of equipment.

Advantage of Cold-rolled ribbed steel bars of high-frequency heat treatment

1. The tensile strength is 1-2 times than that of hot-rolled steel bars;
2. The elongation rate is 12% -20%;
3. The anchorage capacity bonded with concrete increased by 3 to 7 times;
4. It has improving 50% operating efficiency of concreting;
5. The oxide protective layer on the surface has improved its antioxidant capacity.

Technical parameters

 Whole Set of Distribution Capacity  Heating Equipment Power  Speed of Production Line φ9mm Steel Yield  
400KVA 300KW 120 m/min 2.7t/h 
500KVA 400KW 130 m/min 3.6t/h 
600KVA 500KW 150 m/min 4.3t/h 
700KVA 600KW 180 m/min 5.2t/h 
1000KVA 800KW  200 m/min  (Φ12) 9.5 t/h 
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