Cold Rolling Mill for 3 Ribbed Steel

This cold rolling mill is a kind of steel roll forming machine for processing Grade Q235 hot-rolled round bar to 3 side ribbed steel equipment. The cold rolling machine is the main part of cold rolling automatic production line. The 3 ribbed steel bar can be used for bridge engineering, houses construction, high-rise buildings and other industry etc. The tensile strength and yield strength of steel bar is reinforced and the steel costs can be saved by about 40%. The cold rolling mill can roll the base metal into three-side thread steel bar which reaches to 550 Mpa and meet the National Standard (GBT13788).

Equipment Advantages

High degree of automation,
Sophisticated manufacturing process,
High output and long lifespan,
Easy to operate and maintenance.

Operating Instruction and Maintenance

1. Check the electrical system before starting cold rolling mill,
2. Check oil level of each tank,
3. Fill each oiling part,
4. Check if the base material is rational or not,5. The dusts and debris of the electrical part should be always cleaned up,
6. The moving parts should be fastened frequently,
7. In the production process, cold rolling mill can not overburden to avoid damage of mechanical. Operation should be in accordance of rolling standard so as to ensure the safe use of equipment and the qualified product.

Technical Parameters

Model  Main Motor kw Deputy Motor kw Shift capacity T
LZ130 φ5-7 30 4.5 6-10
LZ150 φ5-9 45 5.5 13-25
LZ150 φ5-11 55-75 7.5 30-45
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